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Nutshells are an edged, brown abrasive.

They are used to treat surfaces when the basic material shall not be removed. 

Glass beads

Glass beads

Glass beads are an iron-free non-disposable abrasive.

Glass beads are one of the most used abrasives in the world. 

White Corundum

White Corundum

This abrasive consists of white aluminium oxide. 

White corundum is very much suitable for stainless steel.

Regular Corundum DSO / FeSi

Regular corundum DSO / FeSi

Corundum is a ferruginous non-disposable abrasive. 

Due to its low price it is very suitable for tasks with extensive loss of abrasives.

Ceramic jetting beads

Ceramic jetting beads

Compared to glass beads, the service life of ceramic jetting beads is considerably longer.

Among other areas, this abrasive is used in the medical sector.


Slag Asilit

Slag-Asilit ® is a synthetical fine abrasive made of melted coal slag.

This abrasive is normally used for cleaning delicate surfaces. 


Slag Asilikos

Slag-Asilikos ® is a synthetic abrasive made of melted coal slag. 

The environmentally friendly abrasive is suitable for blasting steel and concrete.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot

Steel shot is a melted, broken and metallic abrasive.

This abrasive is suitable for cleaning and roughening of metallic surfaces. 

Plastic Abrasives

Plastic Abrasives

Plastic abrasives are environmentally friendly, reasonably priced and reuseable.

The abrasive may be stored indefinitely. 

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide

The iron-free abrasive is suitable for blasting of hardened steel and ceramics.

Silicon carbide - the strongest abrasive available.

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We can provide you with all common abrasives for your blasting cabinet or your blasting device. Please find an overview of abrasives listed below. In case you do have further questions concerning the appropriate abrasive and the grain size for your task, we will be happy to assist you. We will deliver 1000 kg of glass beads, nutshells, regular corundum (DSO / Fesi, OSO), white corundum, silicon carbide, steel shot and ceramic jetting beads free domicile (in Germany) - further information and prices on request.

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