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White Corundum

White corundum consists of white aluminium oxide. The iron-free non-disposable abrasive is extremely strong, brittle and does have an aggressive impact on a blasted surface. Since it is iron-free, white corundum is very suitable for blasting stainless steel and non-ferrous metal.

Application range:

  • Blast cleaning
    Cleaning of metallic surfaces with material removal (abrasive effect)
    Removal of rust and scale layers on metallic surfaces
    Removal of discolouration
  • Surface finishing 
    Surface matting 
    Achieving optical effects
  • Miscellaneous:
    Roughening of metallic surfaces
    Processing of extremely strong work pieces 
    Matting of glass


Further Details:

Available grain sizes (in µm)

53-75       /   63-90     /   63-106     /   90-125
106-150   /   125-180  /   150-212   /   180-250
212-300   /   250-355  /   300-425   /   355-500
425-600   /   500-710  /   600-850   /   710-1000
850-1180 / 1000-1400 / 1180-1700 /  1400-2000
Packaging units 1000 kg / Pallet (25 kg bags)

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We can provide you with all common abrasives for your blasting cabinet or your blasting device. Please find an overview of abrasives listed below. In case you do have further questions concerning the appropriate abrasive and the grain size for your task, we will be happy to assist you. We will deliver 1000 kg of glass beads, nutshells, regular corundum (DSO / Fesi, OSO), white corundum, silicon carbide, steel shot and ceramic jetting beads free domicile (in Germany) - further information and prices on request.

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