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Pressure Blasters


Sandblasters without pressure controller

Pressure blasters are highly suited for the use at building sites and construction sites. Their wide charging holes allow an easy feeding with blasting material.

In order to avoid any unnecessary loss of blasting material, all our blasters are equipped with a pneumatic or electronic remote control.

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Low Pressure Blasters


Sandblasters with pressure controller

Being the all-rounder among the blasters, it can be used at construction sites, in the metal industry and in also agriculture.

Since it comes with a permanently installed pressure controller, the blasting pressure can be adjusted continuously. Blasting with low pressure will lead to an exact and smooth result of the blasting process.

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Vortex Stream Blasters


Low pressure blasters in combination with vortex stream technique

Careful treatment of the surface by the use of a special blasting head in combination with a low pressure blaster.

Conventional application range: delicate works in the field of restoration and refurbishment

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Jos Blasters

Blasters in combination with the JOS-Blasting process

Highly suited for restoration works in the range of monument conservation or the elimination of graffiti.

By its vortex, the JOS blasting nozzle produces an abrasive effect. Thus, the surface will be treated with care at the best possible rate. 

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Injector Jet Blasters

strahlgeräte-injektorstrahlgeraet 50

Injector Jet Blasters– Blasting gun SAV / SAW

All 3 devices belong to the range of free blasting devices. They are highly suitable for small blasting tasks within a private or commercial range.

A mere quantity of 220 litres/min. is sufficient.

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