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Suction Blasting Cabinet 4055

Suction Blasting Cabinet_4055

Our most user-friendly model 4055 is a powerful suction blasting cabinet with a compact design. It allows blasting material circulation for all commercially available abrasives. However, we do not recommend the use of quartz sand and slag.

The blasting gun is operated by hand but can also be locked into an arbitrarily fixable nozzle holder. The blasting process can be controlled by a foot switch.

The work pieces can be put into the cabinet by an upward folding front door. After opening of the large front door which is supported by gas pressure shock absorbers, the complete front of the work space becomes accessible for loading by hand, fork lift or crane. Two integral gloves which are padded on the inside and coated with rubber on the outside provide a comfortable arm support.

A large window allows unhindered insight into the cabinet. Within the cabinet, good and consistent illumination prevails due to the dust-proof tubular lamp made of duran glass (borosilicate glass) with ballast and PL lamp 36 W.

saugstrahlkabine 4055 zyklon

By a flexible hose, the blasting cabinet is connected to a separate extraction unit of the type AE-T 0,5. The extraction unit consists of a ventilator, a filter chamber with a pocket filter, a supporting frame, a manual cleaning mechanism and a dust drawer. The dusty air is cleaned within the pocket filter and afterwards released into the atmosphere.

On demand, the blasting cabinet can be equipped with a unit for cleaning the abrasive material (cyclone). It will be connected by a flexible hose to the cyclone 600 shown on the photo on the left side (cleaner for abrasive material 16,8 m³/min., 1,1 kW). It consists of a ventilator, precleaner, filter and collection hopper for abrasive material and is equipped with a filling and a cleaning flap.


Technical data of the blasting cabinet
Overall size W 1510 mm x D 1045 mm x H 1700 mm
with front lid opened W 1510 mm x D 1480 mm x H 1935 mm
Blasting chamber W 1340 mm x D 980 mm x H 940 mm
Weight appr. 240 kg
Varnish  grey / blue (Extra charge for special lacquering)
Compressed air connection hose ½"
Compressed air demand see Air Table
Blasting gun works according to the venturi principle with hardened nozzle or carbide metal nozzle
Window 480 x 295 mm (Safety glass pane with foil that can be glued in)
Electrical connection 16 A / 400 V


Technical data of the extraction unit AE - T 0,5
Overall size W 810 mm x D 685 mm x H 1360 mm
Weight appr. 100,5 kg
Aspiration port Ø 100 mm
Motor 0,55 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz / 3000 U/min. / 1,38 A
Electrical connection 400 V
Varnish grey / blue
Filter material polyester needle-felt
Size of filter 5,0 m²
Air output 1000 m³/h (Ventilator output)
Compression 1150 PA
Fan impeller  Ø 180 mm x 85 mm height
Residual dust content appr. 1,0 mg / m³ (differs according to abrasive used)

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