Suction Blasting Cabinet SK 800

Suction Blasting Cabinet_SK800


The suction blasting cabinet SK 800 is equipped with two side loading doors (one on the left and one on the right side) so work pieces can easily be put into the cabinet. Two integral fluorescent tubes with 18 W guarantee a good illumination of the interior room. Two integral gloves which are padded on the inside and coated with rubber on the outside provide a comfortable arm support.

The blasting process can be controlled by a foot switch. As standard, the cabinet comes with a hardened nozzle and a pressure control. 

Technical data of the blasting cabinet
Overall size W 1050 mm x D 700 mm x H 1640 mm
Blasting chamber W 940 mm x D 600 mm x H 560 mm
Weight appr. 83 kg
Varnish red
Compressed air connection 1/4" or 1/2"
Compressed air demand see air table
Blasting gun works according to the venturi principle with hardened nozzle or carbide metal nozzle (extra charge)
Window 570 x 270 mm
Illumination 2 x 18 W fluorescent tubes
Loading 1 door on each side


Technical data of the extraction unit AE-T 0,3
Overall size W 560 mm x D 375 mm x H 1045 mm
Weight appr. 38 kg
Aspiration port Ø 100 mm
Motor 0,37 kW
Electrical connection 230 V
Varnish red standard (varnish may differ)
Filter material polyester needle-felt
Size of filter 2,8 m²
Air output 600 m³/h (Ventilator output)