In our rental park you can currently find the following products:
We will inform you about our prices on request - please give us a call.



  • XAS 186
  • XAS 175 Dd
  • XAS 97 Dd P with aftercooler, water separator and fine filter (on request with oiler)
  • XAS 32 Dd with oiler
  • GX 5 with rack
  • AC 55 E 100 T, mobile

Blasting units Leasing_of_blasters

  • Injektor blasters 50 ltr. with 3,5 m blasting hose
  • Low pressure blaster 60 ltr. with sieve, lid, vibrator, charcoal absorber, 10 m blasting hose (up to 40 m extension on request)
  • Pressure blaster 100 ltr. with sieve, lid, vibrator, charcoal absorber, 15 m blasting hose (up to 30 m extension on request)

Different construction tools and chisels